Ateronon supplements are a clinically proven, easily absorbed source of lycopene (which has been sourced from tomatoes). The so called 'Tomato Pill' has been a very popular product for online and high street pharmacies since it's launch in 2009 as Ateronon is one of the ways you can maintain effective levels of lycopene in body


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What is Ateronon?

Ateronon is a food supplement which contains lycopene which is also found in the skin of tomatoes. Scientist have discovered that lycopene from the tomatoes is one of the key ingredients contributing to the improved health experienced by those on a tomato rich Mediterranean diet.

It has been accepted for many years that people who enjoy a lycopene rich Mediterranean diet benefit by having a lower incidence of heart or circulatory-related diseases.

The problem in the past has been producing a form of lycopene which could easily be absorbed by the human body. Now after 7 years of research, Scientists at Cambridge University have developed a breakthrough formulation: with Ateronon the body can easily absorb and benefit from the antioxidant properties of lycopene.